One of the great passions that binds and unites the founders of PETRI is sport. From an early age both competed in alpine skiing and then shared the practice of many other sports, including surfing. It is during a trip organized to enjoy the unique emotions that this sport can give, that they met an Italian boy, from Turin, who realizes, with the same passion, attention to detail and craftsmanship typical of PETRI, surfboards. . They have therefore started a collaboration precisely on the basis of shared values, they want to make this reality known, allow any person who loves this fantastic sport to have an artisan, Italian, tailor-made table of excellent quality at an affordable price, delivery times they are a bit long but the wait is worth it!

They believe that even by promoting realities similar to their own they can fully bring out the spirit of the PETRI dream: doing something with passion, commitment, attention to detail and ... even having fun.

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