"Beachboys" & beachwear: una storia di stile e libertà.

"Beachboys" & beachwear: a story of style and freedom.

For more than a century, the sea has been our haven for delight, relaxation and sporting adventures. 
But how did we go from the chaste costumes of yesteryear to the daring bikinis and boxers of today?
In the early 20th century, beach fashion was quite different. Women, in particular, had to cover themselves in costumes that today we would call stuffy, and men also wore woolen, opaque, impractical sweaters and breeches.
But as the years went by, beach fashion underwent a real revolution.
In the 1970s, with the hippie wave and the feminist movement, our bodies took center stage. It was during this period that the first bikinis and boxer suits were born, symbols of a new freedom.
The PETRI "Mavericks" swimsuit brings a reinterpretation of this iconic garment, evoking feelings of freedom, carefreeness, happiness and hope. Hope, because its design is inspired by the shorts of American soldiers in Vietnam. In fact, in their spare time, these men would take refuge in the sea to surf, the only activity that brought their minds back to the beaches of their childhood, far from the horrors of war.
Style and function, it is a short "shorts" pant with belt loops and denim buttons and is made of lightweight cotton that dries quickly.
It is an homage to military pants, cut on the thigh to fully experience every moment of fun with what they had on hand.
So don't miss the freedom and timeless appeal of PETRI "Mavericks" beachwear.
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