Forrest Gump: storia di un corridore

Forrest Gump: a runner’s story

In July 1994, one of the greatest films in the history of cinema was released in US cinemas with an incredible Tom Hanks in the role of the much loved Forrest Gump.
With this performance, Hanks won his second Oscar for Best Actor. It should be noted that in addition to its award the film receives 5 other Oscars including Best Film and Best Director.
This film tells thirty years of American history, from the '50s to the '80s, through the simple and innocent eyes of a child, then boy and finally man, with intellectual disabilities.


Sitting on a bench, Forrest Gump gives stories to anyone who happens to share the place with him by building a spontaneous autobiography in which the name "Jenny" constantly echoes.
One of the central themes of the story between Forrest and Jenny is fate. While Jenny is a dreamer looking for her place in the world, Forrest follows the flow of life without asking too many questions. Although their lives take different paths, it seems that fate constantly brings them back to each other.
The relationship between Forrest Gump and Jenny is one of the most iconic and moving love stories in cinema. Through their deep bond and the challenges they face together, a powerful message emerges about acceptance, unconditional love, and the ability to find one’s purpose in life.


While Forrest and Jenny may seem opposite in many ways, their relationship teaches us that love and friendship can overcome any difference. Their story is a hymn to human resilience and the strength of the emotional bond. And despite the challenges and adversities they face along the way, Forrest and Jenny teach us that true and lasting love can really overcome everything.
In addition to this emotional bond, the protagonist also meets other friends on his path including the figure of Buba. 
We are in the midst of the fight against racial segregation in the United States. Our war veteran Forrest receives the Medal of Valor for saving countless lives but fails to save his black best friend named Buba. 
Buba was born to a family of shrimp cooks and fishermen from Alabama. As they had promised during their acquaintance Forrest decides to buy a fishing boat and together with Lieutenant Dan, also met in Vietnam, makes a fortune always bringing with him the memory of Buba, donating part of the proceeds to his family .
This film was, therefore, a success from all points of view, including the economic.  Produced with only 55 million of them collects about 700 and does not end here.
In 1995, Viacom Consumer Products, the division that owns the rights to the film by Viacom (which in turn owns the film’s producer Paramount Pictures) and restaurant chain Rusty Pelican, contacted Rusty Pelican’s CEO, Scott Barnet, about creating a chain in the style of shrimp restaurants introduced by the movie Forrest Gump.

Shortly thereafter, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company Inc. was created as a new restaurant chain in cooperation with Paramount Pictures.
"Forrest Gump", still today, is capable of transmitting universal values and has entered popular culture for its iconic phrases. The film deals with a wide range of themes without ever being pretexts in an overview: from discrimination to freedom, from the unpredictability of life to illness and death. This work can touch unexpected emotional strings thanks to the skill of the actors who play it.
The magic of this film comes from the way in which Forrest Gump, in his certified "madness", rides with ease and ease the flow of life, always seeing the glass half full and taking advantage of every situation presented because "Life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what happens to you". 

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