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The model is 1.79 m tall, has a slim build and wears size M.
Now lay one of your shirts on a table, take the measurements and compare them with ours.
It will look just like wearing it.

US Collar Weist Length
S 38-39 cm 108 cm 74 cm
M 40-41 cm 112 cm 76 cm
L 41-42 cm 118 cm 77 cm
XL 43-44 cm 124 cm 78 cm

To take away all doubts about size, we help you with additional information (always indicative).

US H Weight 
S 1.65-1.75 m 60-75 kg
M 1.75-1.85 m 75-85 kg
L 1.85-1.95 m 85-93 kg
XL 1.95-2.00 m 93-100 kg


PETRI's philosophy is to dress comfortably and sporty, so if you're looking for the "slim fit" shirt that fits perfectly, you're in the wrong place.


Limited edition 25 shirts.


The name and design of this shirt model take inspiration from "Banzai Pipeline," or more simply "Pipeline" or "Pipe," the sport of surfing kings, located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.
The "Pipeline Pro" is the most important and prestigious competition in the world, the winners of this event rightfully enter the surfing hall of fame.
This spot is famous for its huge waves breaking on shallow water, forming large and amazing "tubes."
It was at the "Banzai Pipeline" that the legend of Andy Irons, surfing genius and unruliness, was born.


Shirt handmade in Turin, Italy.


Biella, Italy.


55% Wool - 45% Cotton.


- Corozo buttons, 100% natural and eco-friendly, are made from washers taken from the dried nut of tropical palm from Ecuador.
- Plastic free.
- Natural and organic fabric, no harmful substances.
- All fabrics used by PETRI are production leftovers from the best Italian companies.


The cotton on the inside is very pleasant and soft and prevents irritation for people with sensitive skin, and its natural fluff gives warmth.
Cotton gives a great feeling of comfort and softness and makes people forget that there is wool on the outside. Instead, wool, thanks to its natural gifts, releases softness and warmth to the touch, plus it is thermally insulating. The latter characteristic determines that garments woven with wool are thicker resulting in the retention of more air.
An extraordinary characteristic of wool fabric is that it insulates not only from the cold but also from the heat; in fact, some African peoples use it during the day to shelter themselves from the heat and in the evening from the cold.


If possible wash inside out, in cold water (no more than 30 degrees) using a mild detergent. Always best to air dry the shirt; absolutely do not use a dryer.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I receive my order?

We use express shipping, so fast and safe.
  • Italy: 24/48h.
  • Overseas: 48/72h.

How does a return or size exchange work?

Return or size exchange is very easy.
  • Time for return/size exchange: 20 days.
  • Just send us an email to and we will get back to you with all the information to proceed with the return.
  • For more information see our returns and size exchange page:

have a discount code, how do I use it?

When you check out you will find a box where you can enter the discount code and you will see the discounted price.

What is the origin of the products?

PETRI is made from only the best raw materials produced by Italian excellence, of natural origin, without the use of synthetic or harmful materials.
Behind every search we put curiosity, obsession for small details, passion for our land and sensitivity to quality fabrics.
Every part, from buttons to fabric, has equal importance and must tell a story.
We collaborate only with Italian (mostly local) companies, small family-run businesses that share our same values of excellence, attention and care for details.
All the fabrics we select and use are "stock" from the best Italian companies, especially from Biella. This allows us to have very high quality at an affordable price.

Do you have questions and want to contact us?

You have two options:
  1. You write to us in chat and we reply quickly.
  2. You email us at, in which case the time is a little longer.

What does "limited edition only" mean?

Why "only limited edition"? For two reasons: quality and exclusivity.
All PETRI shirts are made in a limited edition. Inside each shirt you will find written the number of pieces produced for that exclusive model.
Once finished, the model will remain within our archive, to be reissued in the future with different fabrics and details.
Each PETRI shirt will therefore be forever original and unique.