JFK - Il presidente che insegnò all'America come essere "cool".

JFK - The president who taught America how to be "cool".

Charming, loved by women, always smiling, with messy hair and a sporty physique. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the youngest President of the United States of America in the history of the New Continent. He was 43 years old when he won the 1960 election against Richard Nixon. Remembered above all for a strong foreign policy, as in the affair of the Russian missiles in Cuba in 1962 and an internal policy dedicated to the fight against unemployment and poverty, but JFK remained imprinted in the minds of the whole world also for his elegant, refined style ed casual, “Casual but classy”.

Riguardo allo stile si rifaceva a quello “Ivy League”, ovvero il predecessore del “preppy style”, nato negli anni Cinquanta nelle più importanti università della regione Northeast (tra queste, la Princeton University, che Kennedy frequentò solo un anno e che poi abbandonò per malattia, e l'Harvard University che iniziò successivamente, quando guarì). 

Tutti i suoi look, da quello più elegante a quello più sportivo, erano molto amati dal popolo americano perchè portavano con sé freschezza e disinvoltura che, nonostante fosse il leader del mondo libero, lo rendevano agli occhi delle persone “uno di loro”. 

Nel tempo, JFK è diventato una vera e propria icona di stile.

The clothes and accessories he loved most were: polo shirts, sunglasses, khakis, tennis socks and lightly pressed Oxford shirts.

He had that classy way of wearing the polo shirt, always with a youthful and sporty orientation, as in the famous photos on a boat with the family.

JFK never stopped wearing sunglasses in all the unofficial photos taken outdoors. He loved one model in particular, the iconic “Ray-Ban Wayfarer Tortoise.”

As for the khaki trousers, a loose fit, with pleats and an iconic colour. Mr. President had plenty of them in his closet, which he showed off in his free time and on casual occasions at the White House.

As a good American born in Massachusetts, despite being President, Kennedy sometimes loved to wear sports shoes, among all the iconic "Converse Chuck Taylor All Star", born in 1917, as a basketball model, these shoes then became must-haves of all Americans.

He loved wearing terry sports socks in perfect preppy style.

The legendary Oxford shirt, the shirt model most loved by men, was worn with shorts, jeans, chinos, under a blazer or under a sweater. Born on the rugby field, it then also found its way into the wardrobe of the Ivy League. And it immediately became a must-have.

In short, JFK, in addition to being remembered for his sensitivity, loyalty, kindness, political vision and for his escapades with film stars, is certainly loved and still spoken of today as the president who taught America how to be cool.

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