Repair is practice

“Our ambition is to know that in 30 years you will still be wearing your first PETRI shirts, so we can only help you keep them looking their best.”

PETRI shirts are made for an unconventional life, imperfect, sporty, full of adventures, a little rock and above all made of laughter, fun and true friendship. In short, for an existence lived and fully enjoyed, without regrets, limits and constraints. So it is completely normal that, over time, your PETRIs can break, deteriorate or deteriorate.

Here are the three steps you will need to do to repair your PETRI shirt:

  1. Send us an email at, in which there must be the name of the shirt model, the reason for the repair and your data (name, surname and mobile phone number). We will simply confirm your request and share the repair times (usually one week).
  2. After you receive our confirmation email, just send your shirt to Via Giovanni Camerana 14, Turin, 10128, Italy.
  3. Once we have completed the repair we will send you an email and send you your repaired shirt back:
    • if you are in Italy the shipping costs will be at our expense;
    • if you are abroad, the shipping costs will be at your expense.

Is it easy?

The repair service is free, we want you to feel part of a big family and to continue wearing all your PETRI shirts, from the oldest to the most recent.